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What do we run from?  The careworn hours.  

The chores that would bind us to a lesser life.

There are too many gates that have confined us,

too many shutters we've waited behind. 


This world is wide, and we must know it as our

own -- so that even the masters would make way

for us.  Even the kings would stand aside.


          See how the forest kneels down at my doorstep.  

See how the grasses shiver and part.  I want to

cast off this poor disguise and reveal myself as I

am -- pure-hearted, fierce, a woman undaunted.


  For there is a path my soul must take.  A blessed

path.  Boundless.  Free. 


    -- by Lane von Herzen, excerpted from the upcoming

            novel, The Swan


© Lane von Herzen, All Rights Reserved



Photo by Katherine Gendreau

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