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You are invited to participate in an open competition to provide the cover art for the re-publication of the widely-praised literary novel, The Unfastened Heart.  The winner of this contest will be awarded The Icon Prize, and will receive $1500 in award money, with his or her artwork to be featured on the cover of the new edition of the novel.  As a participant, you are advised to read the text on which the prize is based.  In response to the work, you may enter for consideration paintings, photographs, graphic art, collage art, textile art and other visual media by submitting a digital photograph (in JPG or JPEG format) of the work to the link below.  To accompany your work, include a statement about the part of the novel that inspired the art.  For further information, see Terms and Conditions for Artists on this site. 
Reviewers have called The Unfastened Heart "Magical!" (Cosmopolitan), "Evocative," (Boston Globe), "Tender and compassionate . . . takes us deep into an enchanted -- and enchanting -- world." (New York Times Book Review)  The work is a testament to the haven of true friendship, the marvel of forgiveness, the wonder to be found within beginning again. 

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"There's something magical about this novel, and not just because its heroine is a mystic and a healer of broken hearts.  No, the magic is more than the content; it's as though the lilt of von Herzen's prose generates alpha waves.  As soon as you start reading, you're soothed, suffused with both tenderness and an expectant alertness.  The novel takes you into a verdant world of flowering trees, songbirds, fresh baked bread, statues of saints, and women.  These are the Cordojo women, a group of friends united by the nurturing guidance of Anna de la Senda.  Anna "lives for love," that is, she helps people cope with the anguish and confusion that love and its absence brings, in spite of the fact that she hasn't loved a man since her husband left her and their ethereally beautiful daughter, Mariela, a dozen years ago.  Every character and every scene in this romantic, funny, creative, suspenseful, and enchanted novel is compelling, and every sentence is wrought with grace, perception and lyricism."                                                                                                                                                                                              -- Booklist

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